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Some people claim that planning a trip is just as much fun as taking one after all traveling to Tolo should be an exciting part of your holiday. That feeling of anticipation and endless possibility is hard to beat. We have gathered some usful reliable contacts where you’ll find guidance on putting together your next adventure.

To help ease your mind, below we have broken down the travel planning stage into the types of transportation available to get to the Bellos Studios. You will find usful information and contact details for the companies offering the best travel rates.

Just click on the ravel icon buttons to display the methods of traveling to Tolo available along with travel times, distance and routes. Shop around for the best deals if you can find them but be assured the Greek companies chosen are vetted and reliable service providers.

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Tolo Bay, Greece
Bellos Studios Location

Tolo (Tolon) Peloponnese, has a rich ancient history 

Ancient History

Toló (or Tolon) was first written about by Homer in the Iliad, as a city involved in the Trojan War. Its bay gave refuge to Greek ships over the centuries. After the War of Independence (1821 to 1832), many refugees from Crete settled in Toló and became more.



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Bellos Studios

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Transport Means

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Tolo, in Katharevousa known as Tolon is a small village in Greece on the Peloponnese peninsula. It is part of the municipal unit Asini, in Argolis. Tolo boosts one of the safest and most beautiful beaches in Greece.

You will find Bellos Studios just off sekeri (main str) 100 m up the private residential Anapafseos road on your left hand side.





We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of reliable travel companies, see below, to assist in your travel arrangements. Browse through the service company's websites to find the best deals and service for your travel itinerary. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.